Alpine Style Large Cassette “Lift-Out”


Our Alpine Style Large Cassette also know in the industry as a high slope ‘Lift-Out” can be used either with stands between your table sections, or bolted into your table opening. This solid steel Lift -Out assembly will provide years of service with bronze bushings on all moving parts, and fully welded construction. Four standard mounting holes on the baseplate match the original OEM pattern. Whether you are replacing worn or damaged parts, or upgrading a flat system to a high slope, this set up is ready. A high slope lift-out allows for a less labor intensive transition of truss from table to out feed rollers. Using a longer arm on one end of the Lift-out (pop-up) this geometry generates enough gravity to move the truss off the table, without the need to physically push the truss off a horizontal plane onto the out feed rollers. Helping to “UP” production time by reducing labor, and minimizing truss damage/re-work, and raising worker safety from fatigue and possible injury. Assembly includes baseplate, short arm, long arm, and spring pins.

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